Rivers and Cities of France October 2017

Inside la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen

The ornate outer facade of la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, erected in 1876

All were onboard the recently refurbished Fred Olsen cruise ship, the Black Watch on Wednesday 6th October 2017. It set sail from the port of Rosyth in Edinburgh at 5:30pm and headed south down the North Sea en route to the River Seine and the city of Rouen.

The monument to Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen

The one-handed clock in Rouen.

Corinne’s concerts were scheduled for the last two sea days on the return journey to Rosyth so she was able to make the most of the visits to the ports of Rouen on the River Seine, St. Peter Port in Guernsey, La Pallice for La Rochelle and Lorient.

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen was definitely  a highlight as was the monument to Jeanne d’Arc with the beautiful, elegant cross that marked the place of the stake

The cross marking the spot of the stake

Looking down the aisle in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen.

Once again the audiences in the Neptune Theatre were treated to multi-instrumental performances of music in an array of styles played on piano, oboe, cor anglais, soprano and tenor saxophones.

The weather was pleasantly warm with an unusually calm Bay of Biscay on the way home. The Black Watch arrived in Rosyth at 6:30am on Saturday 14th October and all was well!

Glitz and Glamour Cruise to the French Riviera

Fred Olsen’s cruise ship, the lovely Boudicca set sail from Liverpool on the 6th September 2017 on their “Glitz and Glamour Cruise of the French Riviera”. They visited the ports of Lisbon, Barcelona, Toulon, Nice, Cannes, Mahon and Cadiz before returning to Liverpool.

The scenic view over the Riviera from the Téléphérique de Toulon

Corinne gave four multi-styled, multi-instrumental recitals in the Neptune Theatre. The programmes were well received and sparked many interesting conversations with guests over the music performed.

The magnificent cathedral of La Segrada de Familia in Barcelona. 

The Parlour Music included in the programmes was particularly well received and CD sales in the onboard shop proved to be a healthy sign of the successful reception the music received.

The ship returned to Liverpool on the 22nd September after 16 days in the warm Riviera Sunshine.

View of the Boudicca in the port of Nice on the Côte d’Azure 

The fountain in the Place Massena in the city of Nice

The route map for the Glitz and Glamour Cruise

Glitz and Glamour on the French Riviera

On the 6th September, Corinne sets sail from Liverpool on Fred Olsen’s cruise ship, the Boudicca. (D1721) This is a 16 day cruise heading to Lisbon, Barcelona, Toulon, Nice, Monaco, Mahon and Cadiz.   It returns to Liverpool on Friday 22nd September. Join us for another series of ‘Ebony, Ivory and a Touch of Bronze’  concerts and some spectacular glitzy and glamorous sightseeing if you can!

Burton Town Hall Triumph

Corinne’s ‘Ebony, Ivory and A Touch of Bronze’ programme delighted the audience in the Burton Town Hall on Saturday 13th May 2017. They thoroughly enjoyed a fanciful and intriguingly varied programme of piano music which included the theme from the 1960’s film, The Apartment,  ‘Jealous `Lover’ by Charles Williams, Charles Auchester’s scintillating score, ‘Aeolian Whispers’, Carl Bohm’s ‘Salon Mazurka’ and William Bibby’s delightful ‘Silver Moonbeams’.  Jazz scores were played on the two saxes and much-loved songs from scores by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ennio Morricone and Rodgers & Hammerstein were played on the oboe and cor anglais. 

Cruise to Sweden May 2017

  •   On Tuesday 30th May, Corinne drove to North Shields, Newcastle, to meet Fred Olsen’s cruise ship the Balmoral. At 5pm they set sail for Lysekil, Sweden. Other ports of call on this cruise were Helsingborg, Karlskrona & Trossö, Stockholm, and then Arendal for a visit to Gothenburg.  The guests were given a warm Swedish welcome at all the ports. At some, the ship docked along the quayside and at others the crew dropped anchor offshore where the ship’s tenders were used to travel to shore.

Corinne gave two multi-instrumental concerts in the Neptune Lounge on the long sea days and the atmosphere was electric! Several guests expressed appreciation for the Victorian Parlour music and Winifred Atwell’s ‘Britannia Rag’ went down a treat!


Haslemere Festival 26 May 2017

‘Gabriel’s Oboe’

Action shot on the tenor

Corinne performed another multi-styled, multi-instrumental programme before a capacity house in the Museum Hall as part of the Haslemere Festival. The warm and sensitive acoustic, in the hall that used to be the music room, created an ideal environment for the Bose L1 to accompany the music Corinne played on the oboe, cor anglais, soprano and tenor saxophones.

Much to the delight of the audience, Corinne played “Serenade des Anges”, written by Charles Kinkel for the piano, as an encore.

Good news for all fans too: Corinne has been asked to keep May 2019 free for another event in the Festival.

Watch this space!




NIAA Eisteddfod Harare 2017

Corinne has recently returned from adjudicating the three week NIAA Eisteddfod in Harare, Zimbabwe.  She had the pleasure of hearing a multitude of young musicians perform solo as well as in orchestras.

The Performing Arts Centre logo at the Harare International School.

It was particularly wonderful to see so many students studying to play such a wide variety of instruments, including double bass, trombone, oboe and bassoon. A particular highlight were the choirs, of both school age children and adults. The standard was very impressive. Continue reading →

Haslemere Festival May 26th 2017

Don’t miss Corinne’s performance in the 2017 Haslemere Festival. On Friday 26th May at 7:30pm in the Haslemere Museum, multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, Corinne presents another entertaining programme of music for all tastes on her combination of five unusual instruments. The programme will include the piano music featuring on Corinne’s new CD which will be available later this year. Don’t miss it! Here’s the link to book your tickets… www.haslemerefestival.org.uk/events/ebony-ivory-and-a-touch-of-bronze