Corinne and Kim Kim and Corinne enjoyed a successful cruise to Brazil in January 2015.  They visited the beautiful island of Madeira, followed by Tenerife, Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands and then, after a 5 days crossing of the Atlantic, they finally arrived in Salvador.  A further two days cruise took them to Rio di Janiero where an early rise at 5.15am meant they could enjoy the gentle cruise into the harbour past Sugar Loaf Mountain and past the Rio Niteroi Bridge, beneath the gaze of Christ The Redeemer.  It was a sight to behold and one that the camera simply could not do justice to!

Onboard, their four recitals entitled: “Invocation”, “Romance”, “Montage” and “Light Reflections” were well received by the large audiences in the Neptune Lounge.

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