Corinne is very excited to announce that her recently recorded CD, “Silver Moonbeams” will be released towards the end of November.

The album includes beautiful Parlour music written for the piano which she has recently uncovered whilst researching into this largely forgotten genre. The music includes Eolian Whispers by Charles Auchester, Variations on Beautiful Dreamer by Adolph Baumbach, The Robin’s Return and the Robin’s Departure by Leander Fischer, Silver Moonbeams by William Bibby and Joyful Bells by Charles Kinkel, as well as scores by Albert Ketèlbey and Scott Joplin. Also included are some heartwarming song transcriptions by Eric Coates and Amy Woodforde-Findern.

This disc presents great value for money as it contains over an hour of easy listening music. Tracks will be also be available online as individual downloads as well as in compact disc format. Details of where copies can be purchased will be announced soon.

Watch this space!